Lessons with God, written by KK Rylee is an amazing read offering you the opportunity to see the good

that comes from adversity as we all experience difficult trials and tribulations. A unique way to view these difficult times is explored through the writer's understanding of her personal trials exposing her private pain as well as

her joy as she experiences personal miracles. See how to order paperback or ebook version below.

Be humble, Believe, written by KK Rylee is a book of inspirational blogs. It contains uplifting, inspiring, & encouraging stories based on the author's personal experiences of pain, love, joy and faith. View yourself as

God does: beautiful, worthy, and valuable. See ways to improve your prayer life, build confidence,

learn to forgive, and Believe in yourself. See how to order paperback or ebook version below.


The Forgiving Candle!  Light your Forgiving Candle and put it in a prominent window for all to see! 

Reach out to someone who has caused you pain. The hurt may still be fresh in your

memory making it hard to let go, but let go of it. Maybe you need to forgive yourself. Do it! Holding on

to it weighs you down keeping you in its grip preventing you from knowing real freedom. As your

Forgiving Candle burns, allow it to release the pain and offer forgiveness. 

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Inspirational articles from someone who has experienced difficult trials and tribulations as well as personal miracles such as: The Forgiving Candle, The Blessings Game, Time for prayer with the working mom, Up to date messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje, plus so much more.

Lessons with God

paperback or ebook



be humble, BELIEVE 

paperback or ebook 


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