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We Think that We Want the Shiny Object

I began praying the Rosary this morning for a particular prayer intention. I was praying for someone to receive assistance during an important meeting hoping that the meeting would result in a positive response. At the beginning of the 2nd decade of the Rosary, I received a phone call stating that the meeting ended with in a negative result. I was very disappointed and thought,

“I guess there is no need to finish the Rosary”.

Then I thought,

“you have to listen to the messages that you send to others”.

God has perfect timing

God answers our prayers with the best answer

God knows what is best for us, even if it is not what we're asking for

I committed to the Rosary for my prayer to be answered. The negative result would seem that God did not answer my prayer. However, my prayer was answered in the way that God knew would be best for everyone involved. It was not the answer that I wanted.

I was confused as to why there could not have been a positive answer, but I had to trust that it was the right answer. I, then, followed through on my commitment to pray the Rosary.

"A small girl reaches up to grab something off of the counter. Her lack of height prevents her from fully seeing the countertop. She can only see something shiny and reaches for it. Her father sees her hand going up and quickly grabs her hand startling her. She starts crying as her father reprimands her telling her never to do that.

The girl wanted the shiny object. Why wouldn’t her father let her have it? Her father could see the countertop. He could see that the shiny object was a pan filled with hot liquid. His response was “no” because he knew that the shiny object would hurt her. He knew she only thought she wanted the shiny object because she didn’t know its danger."

We only think that we want the shiny object because

we don’t know its danger.

Our Father sees and knows everything.

We are like this child in that we can’t see beyond a certain point. Our lack of knowledge of current and future events hinders our decision making. If we could see into the future to know

the end result of our decision, we could make better

decisions. Thankfully, just like the child,

we have our Father there to direct us.