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Yes! God hears our prayers.

God has the perfect answers


the perfect timing

He hears and answers our prayers. His answer and His timing may not be what we specifically want but it is the perfect answer and the perfect timing. I am often surprised when I receive a quick response to a small prayer just as I am often dismayed when it seems that my bigger prayers seem to take so long to receive an answer. We can't see beyond the present which means that we can only work with an educated guess on what will happen when we make a decision. God knows the result of our decisions. This is why His answer may be different than what we want to hear.

Below is a portion of a chapter in my book "Lessons with God" that gives an example of an answered prayer.

My son loved all sports,

"but his entire life revolved around football. He was a talented athlete and excelled as the Place Kicker for his high school football team. Each summer he would spend one week attending a kicking camp that was held in New Orleans always striving to be the best. In his words, “Mom, football is my ticket to college and then I’m on to the pros.” It was for this reason that, at the age of fifteen, when he was given the opportunity to travel by plane to a football camp several states away, he pleaded with us to let him go.

I’m sure that most parents will understand when I state that this was a very hard thing for me to agree to. So, I used my standby, which was true, and said, “We can’t afford it.” His response was that he had already spoken with his coach and the coach agreed to pay half of the expenses since this would benefit the football team. I then tried to talk him out of it by pointing out that he would be going all alone to a place where he knew no one for one whole week, being sure to emphasize the “alone” and “one whole week.” And for good measure, I made sure that he knew that he would have to switch planes en route, asking, “How are you going to know what plane to get on?” My strategy didn’t work. This football camp meant too much to him. So I did what I knew I should do and agreed to let him go.

As the time approached for him to leave, I worried more and more. I just knew that he would never manage to leave the first plane and board the correct plane to continue his trip eventually arriving at the right place. And what if no one was there to pick him up at the airport. After all, this was my baby boy who was going off alone, far away, for days. As much as I wanted to withdraw my permission for him to go, it was not an option. I knew that part of being a good mother was to let your children grow up.

With that decision made, I had only one option left: prayer. I asked God to allow my Guardian Angel to go with him on his trip as a back up for double protection. I didn’t know if God allowed this sort of thing or not. I did know that God would not be upset with me since my request was made from a mother’s love for her child.

Each evening when I spoke with my son during his trip, he stated that: yes, he was fine; yes, they were feeding him; and yes, he was warm enough. After I would hang up with him, I would pray that he remain safe throughout the rest of his trip.

I was finally allowed to relax when he arrived home safe and sound at the end of the week with no ill effects from his trip. After unpacking his dirty laundry, he came to me and said “Mom, I have something for you. I saw it in a gift shop at the airport.” I was very surprised by this because my son was not the type of child who brought me gifts. He was never comfortable with hugs or emotional issues. As I reached into the bag to pull out the gift, I was astounded to see what he had brought for me. All I could say was, “Thank you Jesus.”

The gift was a magnet for the refrigerator. The magnet had a picture of an angel in a beautiful white gown. My surprise that he had brought me a gift, was compounded by the fact that the gift was an angel. I expected candy or a postcard, not an angel from him. however my true astonishment came from the fact that this was not just any angel magnet, it was an angel magnet that said “Karen’s Guardian Angel”. Unbeknownst to my son, he had indeed taken my guardian angel with him and returned her to me at the end of his trip. I do not believe that any prayer could have been answered any more clearly than that.

Such a small little thing, a magnet, produced such a powerful message. It is often that the smallest gifts or sacrifices produce the biggest rewards. That is why every small challenge is to be looked upon as a way to grow in our spiritual life. It stimulates a conversation with God. We become children when we go to our Father asking for His assistance in overcoming the challenge. The same is true with gifts or good fortune. They should prompt conversations with God as we thank Him for the blessings. The important thing is to constantly communicate with God. God sends us messages in many forms.

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