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The Wedding Cake: God is in the Mix

The Wedding cake: God is in the Mix

The wedding cake, the focal point of the wedding reception, dates back as far as the Roman Empire. It symbolizes the commitment of the bride and groom to provide for one another and shows their love and affection for each other. It’s beautiful intricately designed layers stand tall intending to spread the couple’s good luck and happiness with their guests and reinforcing their unity as they join hands cutting the first slice of cake forever linking

them as one.

Popular TV shows dedicated to wedding cakes have top bakers

competing for the tallest cake, the most creative cake, or even cakes that defy gravity. Most often the cakes achieve the baker’s goals but there are always some that don’t arrive at the judging table fully intact. These

bakers failed to set the adequate support system required for the foundation or failed to create the best mix of ingredients to ensure a cake that is strong enough to survive such an immense structure.

If we are to arrive at the judging table fully intact:

We must have the right foundation and the right mix of ingredients

Our foundation is our strength as a child of God. Our mix is our daily sustenance in prayer and good deeds. We need this support system and the right mix of values to continually face the temptations, the hardships, and the disappointments of this world enabling us to choose things that promote good and create positive outcomes.

God must be our foundation

He should be our roots, our support, and our constant.

God must be in our mix

He gives us strength, encouragement, and hope. Link yourself with God spreading your good luck and happiness with others. Allow God into every aspect of your life so that your beautiful intricately designed self makes it to the judging table intact.

Put God in your mix and at the base

of your foundation


1st Layer- God: the foundation

2nd Layer- Love: The ultimate goal

3rd Layer- Desire: The choice for good

4th Layer- Faith: The belief in all that is good

5th Layer- Trust: Trust in God