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A Christmas Challenge- The Forgiving Candle

The Christmas Candle was lit and placed in a

prominent window ensuring that all who venture

near would see its light.

The light which represents Christmas;

love, good will, and forgiveness.

The light that shines forth the love of God the Father as He gives the ultimate gift of God the Son to all of mankind.

It began in a lowly manger with the birth of Jesus.

The Magi from the East followed a miraculous guiding star

to Bethlehem, where they found and

paid homage to the infant Jesus.

There they presented their finest gifts:

Gold as a symbol of kingship on earth

Frankincense as a symbol of deity

Myrrh as to one who was mortal

Gifts for a King presented to an infant in a manger.

It's a story of hardship, love, and forgiveness.

Hardship as the wise men traveled far on foot to

reach their King and hardship as the birth of Jesus takes place in the humblest of environments: a manger exposed to the elements, amid the straw, the ox and the donkey.

Love as the birth of Jesus expresses the vast love of

Jesus to become man for our chance at salvation.

Forgiveness as Jesus' birth and death conquered sin

and showed us the way to receive forgiveness.

Your Christmas Challenge!

Light your Forgiving Candle and put it in a

prominent window for all to see!

Reach out to someone who has caused you pain.

The hurt may still be fresh in your memory making it hard to let go, but let go of it. Holding on to it weighs

you down keeping you in its grip preventing you from knowing real freedom.

As your Forgiving Candle burns, allow it to release

the pain and offer forgiveness.

"Forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us."

Follow the example of Jesus, "the Light of the World":

Forgive and begin to heal.



Hammond, LA


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