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Love, love, love... All you need is Love

The Beatles summed up life with one song:

Love, love, love... All you need is love!

I believe that human existence cannot exist without love.

Love is the ultimate need!

It begins with God's unconditional all encompassing love for every person who has lived, who is living, and who will live. He shows no favoritism. We are all equally his children. He loves us because of who we are and despite of who we are. Our sins do not lessen His love for us, our failures do not limit His love, His love is endless.

We are given a choice to accept this love. When we do things that are wrong, we are distancing ourselves from Him. When we fail to remember Him, we are walking away from His love. When we make the decision to deny His existence, we are putting up a wall blocking His love.

Atone for your bad choices,

remember Him in everything, and

take down the wall.

Love continues as we love those around us, something not as easy to do. How do you love others who have hurt you, who have conflicting beliefs, or those who are completely self-serving? You love them because they need love, compassion, and understanding.

Often, we don't know what is behind the choices that others make.

The guy who cut you off while driving almost running you off the road... was he just a jerk? or just maybe... he received his last warning days ago concerning being tardy for work? He was determined not to be late again. He desperately needed this job but the baby woke up with a slight fever, his daughter forgot her science project requiring that he return home to pick it up, and as luck would have it his car would not start after dropping off the science project. This does not give him the excuse to be a jerk but it does explain how his human weakness could put him in this frame of mind.

The woman at the supermarket could not be slower at checking you out. Doesn't she know that you are on a schedule? Is she purposely doing this, is she incompetent or just maybe... she is suffering with one of her worst migraines making it difficult to function at her normal speed. She has no reason to purposely mess up your schedule but knows that if she did not show up for work today there would be only one cashier. Despite her pain, she went to work.

Your son's doctor appointment was for 3:20. You arrived on time only to still be in the waiting room at 4:10. Why does the doctor think that his time is more important than yours? You're angry because he doesn't value your time... or maybe the appointment prior to yours, which should have been a routine visit for the toddler, turned into an unforeseen serious medical issue requiring additional attention.

You get the idea I am presenting. Don't judge or assume the worst of others. It is not for us to judge because we never have all of the facts. Judgement is God's job, our job is to love.



Hammond, LA


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