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What will you take with you into 2018?

The end of 2017. The beginning of 2018.

What will you bring into 2018?

Will it be the pain from events in 2017?

Will it be the anger against those who hurt you or will it be the of forgiveness of those who hurt you in 2017?

Can you forgive yourself for mistakes that you made in 2017?

Will you start the new year with heavy baggage that

you can't let go of?

This is your life! You decide!

You determine if 2018 will be a year of hope, happiness, and forgiveness. You decide to remain angry, fearful, lonely, sad


you can decide to clean your slate, erase the negative feelings of anger, fear, loneliness, and sadness. Cast those feelings into the depths and rise with feelings of forgiveness, courage, and happiness that you wish to share with others.

You decide! You determine what 2018 will like.

You have only a few weeks left. Don't waste this time.

If you hang onto the negatives, your new year doesn't stand much of a chance of being positive. Use this time to clean, refresh, and rejuvenate. Bring only good things into 2018 and 2018 will be a great year.

Make your choice for happiness!

Light your Forgiving Candle for all the world to see,

forgive, heal, and release the pain.

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